Founding principles


The Catalan Film Academy was created with the objective of being a voice of the Catalonian film industry. The Academy joins both creative and productive branches of filmmaking, artistically and scientifically, in the same way as the other film academies.

Foundational principles of the Catalan Film Academy:

  1. To merge both creative and technical professionals of Catalonian productions and give an identity to our film productions.
  2. To unite all branches of the Catalonian film industry.
  3. To promote Catalonian film industry and make it more prestigious in front of media and audiences.
  4. To contribute to the internationalization of the Catalan film industry.
  5. To create forums and debates among Catalonian professionals from all branches and provide innovations.
  6. To give support to young talents.
  7. To capitalize Catalan film industry’s potential.
  8. To reward our artists in an annual Academy Awards Ceremony, named Gaudí Awards, established in 2008 as a relay of the Barcelona Awards, promoted and organized by the Col·legi de Directors de Cinema de Catalunya, consolidating its prestige.
  9. To succeed in making the Academy internationally well-known.
  10. To take part in the writing and approval of official legislative and normative about filmmaking.
  11. To demand a public resources policy for the promotion and consolidation of our cinematography.
  12. To research, analyze and study scientifically the film’s language film an spread its knowledge.


Action plan

In order to develop its objectives and inherent goals, the Academy will work in this activities:

  • To coordinate meetings and cycles promoting Catalonian film industry all over the world and internationalizing Catalonian cinema.
  • To create links with other film academies and cultural institutions from all over the world.
  • To create synergies among Catalonian cultural and artistic institutions and that from around the world.
  • To organize, promote and celebrate annual awards by giving them the same prestige as the other European and international awards.
  • To collaborate with different organisations and departments of the Generalitat’s government which are involved in the film industry’s production and promotion, in order to optimize resources.
  • To take part in the drafting and revision of all legislative and regulatory laws which effect filmmaking industry in all of its branches.
  • To take part in subvention policies and film policies.
  • To support young creators by giving them grants and aids.
  • To promote scientific investigation of film language.
  • To publish reference publications with the conclusions from the studies.
  • To organize discussion forums such as debates and seminaries.
  • To stimulate the innovation among professionals from all film branches.
  • Any other activity which can contribute to a successful approaching to the Academy goals.


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